Why I No Longer Eat Red Meat….

Before I begin, I’m not a vegan. I tried veganism for 2 weeks and unfortunately my stomach was not happy with me. Also, I have nothing against veganism or carnivores for that matter. I decided to take a break from meat for my health.

I’ve always had stomach issues and a while back a gastroenterologist suggested I stop eating red meat to see what would happen, so I did just that. Do I feel any better? Not really, but it’s not just about my stomach problems, it’s also how they’re treated.

After watching the documentary “What the Health,” I was turned off to red meat. I watched as the pigs and cows were treated poorly and felt sick to my stomach. I felt horrible and so, I decided to stop eating it. You’re probably wondering if I felt so strongly about red meat, why haven’t I stopped eating chicken + turkey as well. Well, due to my stomach, I could never go full vegan. And, maybe you’ll say, well, why don’t you try again and see what happens. No disrespect, but I think I’ll pass because it’s not worth feeling sick every day and having no energy. You have no clue how shitty I feel when I don’t have protein such as chicken or turkey. And, it’s my stomachs fault, and unfortunately, I’m left dealing with it.

Is the fact that I no longer eat red meat going to change the fact that they get slaughtered and killed in a cruel way day after day? No, but in my mind, I feel like I’m saving some of them. It was a personal decision I decided to make. Am I embarrassed to tell people I no longer eat red meat? Yes, because I feel as if they’re going to judge me and think I’m weird. I fear they’re going to look at me as if I possess four eyes instead of two.

In reality, I’m 28 and I shouldn’t be afraid to speak up and state what I do and don’t like. I shouldn’t fear rejection or judgement because guess what? Who cares what anybody thinks? Do I need approval? No, I should be able to live my life the way I choose to. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I should NOT be trying to please people in this world. If you’re dealing with the same thing and feel satisfied with yourself and are proud of your decisions in life, then you shouldn’t feel ashamed to be who you are!

Do you! Be yourself!

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