We are Living In a Scary World…..

When the Orlando shooting happened in 2016, I wrote a blog post stating I no longer feel safe in this world.  Then, when I heard the news that 17 people – 17 INNOCENT people – were killed at Parkland High school in Florida, I felt sick. How would our government continue to let that happen and not step in? Why do we have to fight so hard for safety in this country? Yeah, I get that things take time and it won’t happen overnight, but jesus, it keeps happening.

I’m terrified for my children.

I’m terrified to go to a concert.

I’m terrified when it comes to being a large group of people.

And, that’s not normal. I shouldn’t feel as if I need to be on guard when I’m out in public. I shouldn’t feel as if I need to watch my back every second. We should feel safe in this world – especially school. High school + middle school are hard enough as it is with bullying and figuring out who you are, why do we have to make it more complicated by adding in gun violence?

I’m proud of the students who have stepped up and are taking action. Heck, it’s more than our own government is doing! We WANT results. We WANT action. While prayers are nice, they aren’t going to change the fact that SEVENTEEN people were killed! I get the anger and frustration these students are feeling, but I know their voices ARE being heard and for that, I’m SO PROUD of this generation! So what if they’re 16-18-year olds. Trust me, they’re intelligent enough to understand how the government works! They aren’t “young and naive.” They’re smart and know what they want.

And, you know what? Things are GOING to change! They HAVE to change. We FEEL so let down by the people who are supposed to be protecting us! And, now something has GOT TO GIVE!

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