Southern Om Hot Yoga

“Holy sh**, it’s hot in the room,” I said to myself as performed a downward facing dog pose. I started sweating the moment I walked into the room.  I’ve always been rather hesitant to try hot yoga due to the fact I heard it’s hard and gets really warm in the room, but I was up for the challenge.

So, I put my yoga pants on and made my way to Southern Om Hot Yoga with a friend. When the instructor, shut the door, the heat really started to hit me. I started to feel a bit uncomfortable, but I didn’t want to stop and catch my breathe because I don’t give in that easily. I’ve taken a few yoga classes, so thankfully I was able to keep up. And, I got a good workout in the meantime. Some of the poses I’ve never heard of or tried, but I challenged myself.

Would I recommend trying hot yoga? Absolutely! Is it for me? Not really because all I could focus on was the heat and how hot it was. I’m not a heat person, so that’s exactly why it wasn’t my cup of tea. But… the yoga instructor was friendly, knew her stuff was super helpful! The staff members were cheerful and very nice, so if you want to try hot yoga, I’d definitely recommend Southern Om in Greenville, SC.

If you’re looking to burn plenty of calories, get in a good workout and meet nice people, this place is for you! Be sure to check out their website and social media channels, which I’ve attached below.


twitter-2430933_640 instagram-2433265_640 facebook-2429746_640

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