Want an Easy Date Idea? Here it is…

I love nature and when I’m able to get some exercise, listen to the birds chirping and observe some BEAUTIFUL scenery, I’m a happy camper.

My husband planned a picnic at the SC Botanical Garden in Clemson. Beforehand, we tried a local coffee shop called “All in” Coffee Shop that served authentic handmade coffee beverages and also breakfast items.

Let’s chat about what we ordered.

I asked for the Oregon Chai with coconut milk while my hubby ordered a strawberry chocolate mocha latte. Along with the coffee, we decided to get a chocolate chip scone + a cinnamon roll. It all tasted real and NOT served from a cardboard box. The icing on the cinnamon bun had the right amount of sugar and the scone wasn’t as hard as a rock, which is usually how it tastes. I believe that the scone was just taken out of the oven moments ago because it was soft and chewy. I’m sure there are PLENTY more delightful treats at this coffee shop, but we just had the pleasure in trying two (unfortunately!) It’s a shame Clemson is about a 40 minute drive or else, I’d be constantly visiting and would probably end up blowing up like a blimp.

And, ps, guys, it’s been a day and I’m still dreaming about those pastries. Go figure.

After this little coffee adventure, we made our way to the SC Botanical Garden where we took plenty of social media worth pictures + made memories in the process and even had an excellent lunch! PS – it was buffalo chicken sandwiches, which is one of the select few food we can agree on!


If you’re looking for a cheap afternoon date, I’d recommend prepping some sandwiches and heading to the local park!


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