This Skin Care is Literally Life-Changing

Are you looking for natural, organic and healthy skin products? Look no further because Toya Stanitzek who sells Herb & Earth Soaps has something for YOU. My husband purchased skin products for me for Valentine’s Day and they have DEFINITELY been improving my skin. My pores have gotten smaller and my face is less oily and greasy.

So, I wanted to share these products with you in hopes that you can buy these products and get better looking skin!

I wanted to chat with Toya regarding her products and conduct a Q & A!

Hope: How long have you been selling them?
Toya: I’ve been selling products for 4 years now.
H: How long do they take to make?
T: When I started making products, it was during a time when I was becoming more aware of the importance of foods I was eating. I was eating a paleo diet and began growing my own fruits and vegetables. What you eat completely affects the health of your body. Then I started to research how the products you use on your body are just as important. Anything you put on your body, your body absorbs. At the time, my son had eczema and I was wanting to treat it more naturally than with all those products that still contained so many chemicals. That’s when I created my first goat milk soap. At the time there were only a few soap makers in the area that offered a very small variety of product. My goal became to be a one-stop, all natural bath and beauty company.
H: What made you decide to start selling them?

T: I offer a vast array of product that take various levels of time to create. Since I’ve been making soap for 4 years, I’ve gotten a lot more efficient with my time. To just make 200 bars of soap takes a total of about 4 hours. Then I have to let them set for a day in their molds. Then I have to take the time to pop them out of their 8 load molds, hand cut my loaves into individual bars, and then carefully stack them like dominos on the shelves to cure for 4-6 weeks. Once they’re done curing, I hand cut all my labels and spend the time to label them all. It’s a labor of love.

H: Why should other people buy your products?

T: I really wanted to offer all natural, safe, nourishing products that even your average, middle class individual could afford. I also wanted to create a business that gives back to the community by using other local farmers’ products in my ingredients. I wanted to empower my community to give back to those in their community by way of a donation program through purchases as well. I offer various ways to give back through your purchases such as when you buy 4 bars of soap, I donate a bar of soap to a local shelter on your behalf.

So when you shop Herb & Earth, you get safe, all natural, amazing bath and beauty products that contain local ingredients from here in SC. Not only do you get to support your local community through your purchases, but you also support my 3 beautiful children, my husband, and myself.

Want to purchase her products? Check out her social media channels below!
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