Do YOU look at food labels?

“It’s good to eat processed foods once in a while,” my mother said a few years back. That was probably one of the most comical things she’s ever said. Actually, you should avoid eating processed food because they contain chemicals, toxins, etc and you’re more prone to diseases and cancer. In November 2017, my husband and I went on a cruise for our honeymoon. On … Continue reading Do YOU look at food labels?

Loving Someone So Much It Hurts

Is it possible to love someone so much that hurts?  You just want to be around them most of the time because the thought of them not being there makes you sad.  Would it be considered obsessed or just head over heels in love? My boyfriend gave me a call today expressing how bad his allergies are affecting him.  He’s been having issues breathing because … Continue reading Loving Someone So Much It Hurts

What Happened When I FINALLY, Begrudgingly Embraced My “Pudge”

By Hope Kumor Circa YourTango Obsessing about my weight finally just became too freaking exhausting. When it comes to my body and appearance, I’ve always had issues. From an early age, I was always picking on myself. As a kid, I was too skinny and my mother tried to plump me up by giving me Carnation Instant Breakfast. I gained some weight and in my … Continue reading What Happened When I FINALLY, Begrudgingly Embraced My “Pudge”

Working Out Is Important!

By Hope Kumor So, I just joined Crunch, which is an ever-popular gym that recently opened in my area. I’ve gone to two classes and absolutely love it! I’ve been really getting into working out and staying healthy. I’ve tried to staying away from processed foods, but it’s very difficult. The price of organic & gluten-free meals are ridiculous! But, I must tell you, I … Continue reading Working Out Is Important!

Which Would You Choose As Your Afternoon Snack? Cherries or Oreos?

(Which would you choose as your afternoon snack?) By Hope Kumor Cherries or Oreos?  So, your mouth is probably watering just eyeing this photo. You love oreos and could eat them every single day if possible. Sure, those puppies look great at first glance, but do you know how truly horrible oreos are for you? Um. First off, do you know how freekin processed this … Continue reading Which Would You Choose As Your Afternoon Snack? Cherries or Oreos?

Delicious & Nutritious Lunch.

So, it’s lunchtime and you’re scrambling for something in the fridge, which restaurant to eat at, or which foods would be best together. It’s never a simple task to figure out what to eat. Remember– choosing what to eat could make or break your diet. Today, I couldn’t decide, but once I saw this puppy sitting in the fridge, I couldn’t help but grab it. … Continue reading Delicious & Nutritious Lunch.