UFC Gym: The No-Fear Zone

When I entered the UFC Gym in Murfreesboro, my attention focused solely on the encouragement words “Honor” “Courage” and “Determination.” They’re plastered on the wall throughout the facility and the words certainly represent what this gym is all about. I was a bit nervous to workout at a gym that’s known for UFC competitors and hunky males. But, you see, it’s actually the total opposite … Continue reading UFC Gym: The No-Fear Zone

O’Possum’s: The Hidden Gem

When driving on Memorial Boulevard, if you look closely, you’ll find O’Possum’s Irish Pub & Brewery. The thing about this pub is you’d never even know it was there unless you opened the doors and peered inside.  It might be a tad on the small side, but when it comes to the variety of food, there’s nothing “small” about it. “We want people to know … Continue reading O’Possum’s: The Hidden Gem

Blogger Review: Popcorn Indiana

Who doesn’t love popcorn and a dinner? Just imagine: Light, crunchy– sometimes crispy– white popcorn in a bowl while you’re enjoying your favorite movie or TV show. I was provided with three bags of Popcorn Indiana‘s well Popcorn. They sent along Sea Salt Fit Popcorn, All Natural Kettle corn and my personal favorite: All-Natural Caramel Popcorn. I fell in love with the Caramel popcorn because … Continue reading Blogger Review: Popcorn Indiana

Blogger Review: Bob’s Red Mill Products

I’m sure you know this about me already, but when it comes to granola, you best watch out! I’m obsessed with those little nuts clusters that come in various flavors because the texture just drives me wild! I know that might sound a bit odd, but it’s the truth! I could literally consume granola every day. I know I’ve noted that about cereal as well as … Continue reading Blogger Review: Bob’s Red Mill Products