Work with me – for FREE!

You’re either a busy working mom or a professional that often feels that there’s never enough time in the day! Ugh. So much to do, yet you have to take the kids to soccer practice, make dinner, work from home getting done a project, sleep, somehow fit in a girls night, date night with your significant other and juggle other responsibilities! And, then, you get … Continue reading Work with me – for FREE!

10 Tips To Drop Pounds

Time and time again, people go on diets because they want to lose weight. But, reality is, diets don’t work. All diets do is make you binge eat later on, so stop restricting yourself and just eat food in moderation. You can lose weight without dieting and this is how: 1. CHEW YOUR FOOD WELL. Digestion begins in the mouth. By thoroughly chewing your food, … Continue reading 10 Tips To Drop Pounds

I’m Still in Awe of Being Married….

My husband owns a home inspection company and I was watching one of his facebook love videos and began thinking, “I still cannot believe he’s my husband.” When I was young, I remember picturing how I wanted my wedding and often wondered who I would marry. Would he be shorter than me? What would his personality be like? Would he be tall? How tall? Blonde … Continue reading I’m Still in Awe of Being Married….

Memories, Please Leave Before I Cry

I’m not an emotional person, so if I cry, it means I’m either in a lot of pain or something has hit me hard. Three years ago, when my then-boyfriend and I made the decision to move to Tennessee, leaving us 800+ miles away from family and friends, all I could do was cry. I missed my folks, brothers and friends simply because before I … Continue reading Memories, Please Leave Before I Cry

Ah…. Nature

Nature soothes my soul. Walking into a forest with birds chirping always puts my mind at ease. It takes the stress away from my body and I watch as it soars and floats away. Yesterday, my husband and I visited Campbell’s covered bridge in Greer. Did you know that it was constructed in 1909 and it’s the only remaining covered bridge in the State of South Carolina? … Continue reading Ah…. Nature

Negligence at Manor Care in Langhorne Killed My Grandma!

“Grandma just passed away,” my mom texted me on March 10, 2017. I was sitting in my car in North Carolina waiting for my husband to finish his home inspection class. I was sleeping in the car while he attended his 3-hour class. It was almost lunch time when I learned my grandma died. I laid on my front seat and cried. I cried because … Continue reading Negligence at Manor Care in Langhorne Killed My Grandma!