The Day I Realized I Had Become “The Nagging Wife”

It was on a Saturday morning when I realized I’d somehow become “the nagging wife.” “Do you really have to eat that whole bagel?” I asked my husband. “Carbs are the enemy.” He shrugged it off as I proceeded to continuously ask him the same question which lead to him ignoring me. Unfortunately, this sort of situation is a common occurrence. About a year into … Continue reading The Day I Realized I Had Become “The Nagging Wife”

Spare me– Good or Bad.

Just tell me. Clue me in. Whisper it in my ear. Good, Bad, I don’t care, just don’t make me wait. Interviews are the worst, but what’s even worse than interviews?! The waiting. Waiting to hear the reply. All thoughts encircle your mind, “Did I get it?”  “Why is it taking so long to hear back?”   “What’s the issue?”  Well, sometimes you need to … Continue reading Spare me– Good or Bad.

Oh, Warped Tour 2012

Bands, independent singers, crowds of people strange and normal, purple & blue haired, screaming fans needing to see “their” band. They are waiting to rush into the doors of Warped Tour 2012 in Camden, New Jersey. As my cousin & I waited to enter, we saw various types of people. Many were obnoxiously shouting at one another while at a close distance to be an ass. During … Continue reading Oh, Warped Tour 2012