Social Media Doesn’t Show You Everything – But Why?

I would never post a status about my fiancé and I getting into an argument. I wouldn’t say the whole night was ruined because he was pissing me off or that I was making him feel frustrated with my countless questions. Do you know why? It’s because I’d prefer not to show that side of their relationship and neither do other people. I don’t have … Continue reading Social Media Doesn’t Show You Everything – But Why?

Our first Valentine’s Day.

It comes once a year and it’s filled with couples holding hands, sharing hugs, kisses & laughter and flowers of course. It’s the big V-day aka Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re single or in a fresh, new relationship, let’s celebrate it right with the ones we love. Everyone goes gaga over this particular holiday because it symbolizes love. This is the one day that men and … Continue reading Our first Valentine’s Day.