Working Out Is Important!

By Hope Kumor So, I just joined Crunch, which is an ever-popular gym that recently opened in my area. I’ve gone to two classes and absolutely love it! I’ve been really getting into working out and staying healthy. I’ve tried to staying away from processed foods, but it’s very difficult. The price of organic & gluten-free meals are ridiculous! But, I must tell you, I … Continue reading Working Out Is Important!

Which Would You Choose As Your Afternoon Snack? Cherries or Oreos?

(Which would you choose as your afternoon snack?) By Hope Kumor Cherries or Oreos?  So, your mouth is probably watering just eyeing this photo. You love oreos and could eat them every single day if possible. Sure, those puppies look great at first glance, but do you know how truly horrible oreos are for you? Um. First off, do you know how freekin processed this … Continue reading Which Would You Choose As Your Afternoon Snack? Cherries or Oreos?

Delicious & Nutritious Lunch.

So, it’s lunchtime and you’re scrambling for something in the fridge, which restaurant to eat at, or which foods would be best together. It’s never a simple task to figure out what to eat. Remember– choosing what to eat could make or break your diet. Today, I couldn’t decide, but once I saw this puppy sitting in the fridge, I couldn’t help but grab it. … Continue reading Delicious & Nutritious Lunch.

Guest Blog Post: How to Avoid Over-Snacking

By Hope Kumor So, I’m heading to kitchen to use the restroom when I see them. They’re small, powdery, and have a ton of carbs and plenty of ingredients I cannot pronounce. I dart into the bathroom so I no longer see them. But, when I emerge from washing my hands, they are sitting there staring at me. These “treats” are Little Debbie’s Sugary Donuts … Continue reading Guest Blog Post: How to Avoid Over-Snacking

A Day Of Healthy Meals

By Hope Kumor So, it’s Monday morning and you’re rushing around and searching the cabinets for a quick breakfast before work. You’re running late, so instead of sifting through the cabinets for a sweet treat, you decide to stop by Mickey D’s on the way over. Convenient, but not the best choice. You’ll probably consume twice as much as you would have been eating because … Continue reading A Day Of Healthy Meals