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Sorry, But Eating Healthy Doesn’t Make Me Weird

I’d rather eat food I made myself rather than a processed piece of shit that will mess up my stomach. I have a sensitive belly and when consumed the wrong food, the repercussions can ruin my day. I’ve been to the gastroenterologist loads of times and the doctor suggested cutting out meat to see if… Continue reading Sorry, But Eating Healthy Doesn’t Make Me Weird


Farmers take the market online

Farmers market hours aren’t always so convenient and can eat up half of what for some may be a rare day off. And not everyone is comfortable with the crowds and lines. An alternative exists in StonesRiverMarket.com. “I do think people like not having the fight the crowds on Saturday," says John Erdmann, owner of… Continue reading Farmers take the market online

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Choosing the Best Milk Beverage for You

By Hope Kumor Choosing The Best Milk Beverage For You With so many milk options, it’s no wonder we’re all confused when choosing which type to purchase. The varied selection includes soy, almond, coconut, and fat-free choices, to name a few. To decode the differences between the varieties, we chatted with Willow Jarosh and Stephanie Clarke,… Continue reading Choosing the Best Milk Beverage for You