Emptiness, It’s Such A Horrible Feeling

“Are you looking forward to seeing your family?” I ask my VP on Monday. I know the reason she was going back home wasn’t exactly a happy reunion because it was her brother’s memorial, but I still asked. She began to get emotional, which wasn’t my intent when I originally inquired. “I’ve been thinking about it and I guess I just haven’t accepted it,” she … Continue reading Emptiness, It’s Such A Horrible Feeling

When will you breathe?

When will you breathe: 10 years. On our 4th date, we sat in his car listening to various tunes on his iPod. Expressionless and staring into space without a word, I listened to the lyrics from one of his favorite songs. I concentrated and didn’t speak. I couldn’t. I felt his pain circulate throughout my body and wanted it to stay. I needed to feel … Continue reading When will you breathe?

“It was as if it never happened”

The backyard was decorated with balloons, banners that said “Congratulations,” tables set up with black cloths overtop to place plates on that read “Congratulations 2011 graduates,” parents fancying the pool up for kids to swim in, and food and drinks set up to be guzzled down. The clock struck 12:30 pm on July 10th, 2011, which was when the party was scheduled to begin. The high school graduate … Continue reading “It was as if it never happened”

Death is a scary thought.

Lonely. You must know the definition of this word by now. If you don’t, this is from the “Oxford English Dictionary” Lonely: dejected because of want of company or society; sad at the thought that one is alone; having a feeling of solitariness. Do you think this sounds like the meaning of loneliness? The question that stands is if our society is filled with SO … Continue reading Death is a scary thought.