My Husband And I Are Searching For Our Happiness

“It’s about $1,000 plus for an apartment in the north, so why don’t we look for places in the south?” my then-boyfriend asked me years ago.

We were searching for jobs in Tennessee – because I always wanted to live there.

So, he applied to a few jobs and boom, one day he got contacted, had two more interviews and obtained the job. We were off to embark on a new adventure.

Conveniently, we found an apartment, took all of our belongings and moved to Tennessee. It was a huge risk we took, but I think I was looking for happiness. Well, I think I was searching for several things.

I never did find them though.

I never felt like I belonged, there wasn’t much to do, my then-boyfriend and I constantly got into arguments and I didn’t make friends. People in the area kept telling me we’ll get used to living there, but we never did.

“You’ll be okay. It took me 6 months to feel settled. You’ll get there,” someone told me.

But, we lived there for a year and it still didn’t feel home to us.

Last April, my then-fiance lost his job and we were left with the decision to either ride it out or move back home.

We decided to temporarily move home because our wedding was taking place at the end of the year plus we needed to get back on our feet. However, both of us knew we wanted to be in the South. It was cheaper and the people were nicer.

I googled beautiful states in the South and landed on Charleston, SC.

Then, in December, he got a call about a job interview in Asheville, NC. The area was too expensive and we couldn’t find too many apartments. So, we rode around to see if there were other cities nearby we could live.

You should have seen us.

It was a sad story. 

We drove around Raleigh, Charlotte, Columbia, SC. We figured one of these cities would bring us a homey feeling. But, we never felt it. 

Then, we remembered Greenville, SC. We visited last April when one of my good friends offered to do our engagement shoot. We recalled feeling comfortable walking around the city, liking our surroundings and plus, we had a couple we knew!

Therefore, we’ve decided to choose Greenville.

Am I scared the same thing will happen again like Tennessee? Am I afraid to move away from everything I ever knew? Am I frightened to leave my family behind? I’d be lying if I said I didn’t. But, in life, you must take chances.

I just want to be happy. Is that so much to ask for?

I want to live in an inexpensive state that I don’t have to worry paying 1,000+ for an apartment. I want to make friends with people who are similar to me. I want us to enjoy ourselves.

Heck, I want us to really start our life together. We haven’t been able to enjoy our life as newlyweds because we’ve been too concerned with finding jobs and stressing about money.

So, it’s time to find our happiness and we’re going to great lengths to search for it.

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I Hope He Still Gives Me That Look Even When I’m Old And Gray

The man I love is lying at the end of the bed watching one of his favorite shows. He strokes his hair and squints at the screen.

“Put on your glasses, you keep squinting your eyes,” I say as I hand him his glasses. He smiles at me nonchalantly.

I stare at him for a few more minutes before I return back to writing. His back is facing me, so he doesn’t see me staring in his direction. I take a few more moments to look at the man I just married.

We’ve been married for almost 2 months. We’ve been together for over 3 years and we didn’t meet the conventional way, rather we met online.

I was against online dating and refused to try it, until my best friend convinced me. Long story short, I met my husband online and I don’t regret giving into something I wasn’t comfortable with doing.

I thank my best friend quite often for pushing me to create a profile on Okcupid. She was the one who told me it was okay to pursue online dating.

“It’s fun, trust me,” she said.

And, she was right.

“Will you always give me that look?” I ask my husband.

He smiles and says, “yes, of course.”

I just want to remember this moment before everything gets crazy, before kids come into the picture, before we purchase our first house, before we get old, before it’s the end of just the two of us.

“I’m scared that our love with change,” I say. “It may change, but I’ll always love you,” he responses with.

I just want him to always push the hair out of eyes, stroke my hair, hold me tight and cuddle me when I need it and most of all, love me after I’m pregnant. These are just fears of mine though.

Deep down, I know he will, but there’s always a part of me that’s scared of the changes that will happen in the years to come.

Even when I’m old and gray, I’m hoping he’ll love me just the same!

He kisses me on the forehead and hugs me tight. I never want him to stop doing that even when we have kids or even when my body changes.

We’re just starting our lives together and there will be lots of stuff we’re going to endure. But, at the end of the day, supporting each other will become a crucial part of our lives and I know we’ll be able to be there for each other no matter what!

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We Went To Three Cities And A Cruise For Our Honeymoon Part 1

My husband hates flying, so we decided to take a road trip to visit Savannah, GA, Charleston, SC and Raleigh, NC. In-between, we went on a cruise to the (Amber Cove) Dominican Republic, St. Thomas & St. Maarten.

I was more excited about the cruise than anything else.

But, to my surprise, it was actually quite disappointing because we got motion sickness and we weren’t thrilled with the forms of entertainment as well as the food. Ick! After a few days, we were sick of the food.

I yearned to eat real food instead of buffets every day. I mean, it was nice to just get food whenever you wanted, but it was also dangerous because it was mostly processed and I feared gaining weight.

Let’s start with the cruise, which lasted 7 days.


When we got to our room, we were greeted with the photo below – which was the sweetest thing ever!


On the 2nd night, we dressed up for FORMAL NIGHT. Since it was our honeymoon, the crew members came over with the cake – shown below – and sang HAPPY HONEYMOON TO YOU.



We did THREE excursions. The first was riding ATVS.

It was muddy and in the Dominican Republic. I let him drive because I was afraid. We got really muddy, but it was fun. We also drank.. a lot. I’m not used to drinking that much, but I just went with the flow.



Next was snorkeling in St. Thomas.






It was absolutely beautiful and snorkeling was so much fun.



Next was a Sunset Cruise, which disappointed us because people were chatting, drinking and the captain didn’t even go toward the sunset. You would think she would considering it was the Sunset Cruise, right?


We went to a few fitness classes while on the boat, watched a movie, went in the hot-tub, swam, sunbathed and drank.

We decided that we aren’t CRUISE PEOPLE, but we wouldn’t have figured that out if we didn’t go, so it was a good experience.

This is just PART ONE of the #Alwaysn4evan Honeymoon.

Stay tuned for PART TWO.


Shit: I’m Getting Married In Almost A Month

My fiancé and I visited our venue today to go over the wedding ceremony with our caterer.

While we were there, things were cool and casual because it felt like a normal conversation. You know, people talk about their wedding every day, right? It’s totally normal.


We’re talking about our wedding and you’re talking about what to eat for dinner. We’re discussing décor, napkins, silverware and you’re calling for your yearly check-up with your doctor. We’re making and buying bridesmaid and groomsmen gift while you take the dogs for a walk.

Somehow, it doesn’t seem that easy, huh? I hope you caught-on to my sarcasm.


It’s almost a month until I get married. This will be the man I will be with – forever. I will grow old with him, have kids, a house, and share almost everything with.

Today, I heard a girl claim, “I’m not ready to get married!” I just smiled to myself because in almost a month, I’ll be a married woman.

When you’re little, you envision who you’ll marry, how the day will play out, what your dress will look like and who your bridesmaids will be. It’s funny thinking back to a couple of years when I was just dating and now I’m getting married.

It’s both a happy and emotional time in your life.

It’s frightening and thrilling at the same time. Your emotions are all out of whack and you can hardly breathe. All I know is in about a month, my last name will change. I will no longer have the same one I was given at birth and that will be weird in itself.

Of course I’m scared, but everyone is when they make the giant leap to tie the knot. I’m sure it’s natural, but it’s happening! Ready or not, here I come.

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Dating Sucks: Why I’m Happy I No Longer Have To Date Anyone

Dating sucks.

There I said it. It’s awkward, uncomfortable and you have to be so vulnerable with the person. Well, you have to be vulnerable when you end up getting married or in a committed relationship, but it’s not as crucial as at the beginning.

I remember going on dates and wondering if the guy liked me or not.

I went on 2 dates with this guy – whom I met online—and at the end of the second date, he gave me a big, sloppy kiss. It was one of the most disgusting kisses I’ve ever gotten. But, nothing takes the cake more than this guy who kissed me after our first date.

He leaned in when I didn’t want it, but I felt sorry for him, so I also leaned in too.

Come to find out, he kissed like a fish.

You see, I’m happy I no longer have to date because it’s too confusing. Also, most guys don’t know how to plan things anymore. They don’t try anymore. They just want to get you in bed and that’s one of their number one priorities.

Now, this does not pertain to every guy, but I’d say tons of guys have this mentality.

Some guys will leave it to you to plan something.

“What should we do?” Um, if you really care, you’d set something up, not me.

I got lucky and had a guy who thought outside the box and wanted to workout and then go out to lunch.

And, this guy ended up proposing to me.

Therefore, I’m so happy that I no longer have to date because I hated the following: waiting for the guy to text me, trying to interpret what he means, wondering when he’ll ask me to be his girl, just thinking back to the question, “what are we” makes me cringe.

I don’t miss telling my friends that I’m “talking” with a guy or I’m waiting for him to text me back after our amazing first date. I also don’t miss having my friends and family awkwardly meet him and tell me what they think. Additionally, I really don’t miss my mother judging every guy I bring home and “evaluating” him.

I’m sorry for the girls who are in this boat.

There are some girls who love dating, but that’s just not me. I’ve always needed a title. I didn’t want to just see a guy for months on end without making it official. But, for some girls that’s okay. And, that might be fine, but that’s not my lifestyle.

In a world with lots of douchebags, I’m just glad I no longer have to date.

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I’m A Millennial And Yes, I’m Getting Married In My 20s – So What?

I’m 27, a millennial and getting married in 2 months.

I keep hearing people bash millennials getting married in their twenties. They say we should save more money and focus in on our career. Well, let me clue you in on something, I’ve tried to ‘focus on my career’ before I met my fiancé. In fact, all I cared about was my career and nothing else.

But, where did it get me?

I’m still looking and figuring out what I want career-wise. It’s taking us millennials longer than most because we don’t have the same opportunities. We graduate college and are not promised jobs. And, you may say then why get married right now? Why not wait until you’re more established, heck, until you figure out who the hell you are?

Here’s the thing: I know who I am and why can’t I figure out what I want to do career-wise with my husband? Why do I have to be single to figure it out? No, he won’t distract me because I have my own life and so does he. He’s his own person and so am I.

So, I understand why some people disagree with getting married in their 20’s, but I also question why wait when you know the time is right?

I actually wanted to be married and have 1 kid by now, but I think I’m behind.

You may say I’m setting myself up for disaster getting married before finding a career, but I’m going to have to disagree with you. Besides, he didn’t know he was going to lose his job and be unemployed. And, hey, people asked if we should postpone it because of everything that was happening, but why do that? Why not get married in your 20’s? What’s the harm?

I’m not rushing anything.

I just think it’s the right time to get married. Why do I need to ‘get to know him more?’ What’s to learn? We lived in Tennessee for a year and that was a test for us. So, if we can survive that, we can survive anything.

I think the more experiences you endure with your significant other is when you’ll know if you two are meant to be.

So, I’ll say this again, it is not a mistake to get married in your 20’s. Don’t listen to anyone else, just trust your instincts.

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