How To Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself

“I feel like a loser,” I said to my fiancé, who is in almost the exact same position as I am. But, truly, am I? Would a loser have a BA in English and an AD in Journalism? Would a loser have 5 internships in the media industry? Would a loser have been able to move away with her then-boyfriend, find a job and make … Continue reading How To Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself

Please Stop Labeling Millennials

Millennials get shit on time and time again. We’re classified as “spoiled” “privileged” and “entitled.” I’ll probably get bashed for defending us, but someone has to.  Society says all we do is “complain.” I’m here to argue that statement. It’s called ‘venting.’ Unless you’re someone who complains and does nothing to fix it, I don’t see any issues in talking about how frustrating it is … Continue reading Please Stop Labeling Millennials