Emptiness, It’s Such A Horrible Feeling

“Are you looking forward to seeing your family?” I ask my VP on Monday. I know the reason she was going back home wasn’t exactly a happy reunion because it was her brother’s memorial, but I still asked. She began to get emotional, which wasn’t my intent when I originally inquired. “I’ve been thinking about it and I guess I just haven’t accepted it,” she … Continue reading Emptiness, It’s Such A Horrible Feeling

It’s all so uncertain.

It’s a lie, a joke, a prank. It’s untrue, false, unheard of. Actually, it’s real. Lately, all I can think about is my old co-worker. He has cancer. I’m not used to reading statuses that say, “Chemo went well, but I feel sick.” Status, after status, after status. How could I face him again knowing that at any second he could leave this earth? I … Continue reading It’s all so uncertain.